These are one of a kind pieces of torch fired enamel, combined with gold plated geometric elements and finished with gold filled ear wires, made by the artist Chelsey Greene in her home studio in San Francisco, California.
Enameling is the process by which glass is fused to the surface of copper. In this case with an open flame, handheld blowtorch. One special technique - sgraffito - is a form of decoration, pattern, design and texture made by scratching through the top enamel to reveal an underlying layer of contrasting color.

With a bachelor's degree in Textile Design from Colorado College, maker + designer Chelsey Greene was always known for dabbling in many mediums even beyond fibers. A friend once asked rhetorically "what do you not know how to do?" This provoked Chelsey to find a craft technique to challenge herself with. Because meeting every challenge head on is her signature move, enameling is now the craft foundation of her brand, but to make her work even more distinctive and rich Chelsey looks forward to integrating other familiar jewelry and fiber techniques back into the process. Starting in Winter 2022 collections will include micro macrame and beading.